One Month of Editorial Labs

Adam Pash · 02/10/15 12:20PM

If you've been wondering what sort of things you can expect of and request from Editorial Labs, let's walk through a sampling of the fruits of this department's first month.

What Is Editorial Labs?

Adam Pash · 01/06/15 01:35PM

Hi. I'm Adam Pash. I worked at Lifehacker for seven years, left two years ago, and have now returned to the amniotic embrace of Gawker Media (meaning Tommy owes Nick $50). And, thanks to the Great Editorial Restructuring of 2015, I'm heading up a new thing called Editorial Labs. The purpose of this post story is to help everyone understand what we're hoping to do with Editorial Labs and how you can use this fledgling department to be happier, to be more productive, and to do better things.