Just sent the following email to all of Gawker Media editorial:

Memo from the Ministry of Agitation, Propaganda, and Ideological Purity:

This week, there will be a number of "leaked" Super Bowl commercials floating around the internet. Some of them will be entertaining. Many of them will bring a great deal of traffic to any website that posts them. A few of them will be hoaxes, or at the very least hoaxish. I've expressed my feelings on the matter in many different forums and over many varieties of alcohol, and I will leave it to you and your scruples to determine if publishing a Super Bowl commercial on your website is worth the coarsening of your soul and of the culture at large (sometimes it is!). But, really, please refrain.


This goes for all commercials, whatever the week. But Super Bowl Week is the time of year when even my fellow travelers tend to stray from the true path.