A Message From Your Special Projects Editor

Alex Pareene · 01/14/15 09:00AM

I spent much of 2014 at a digital media startup that sought to experiment with new forms and delivery systems for investigative and public service journalism. The team I was working with planned to use humor and attention-grabbing stunts to create journalism that people actually wanted to read. That experiment… did not quite work out, but having spent months coming up with crazy ideas with a group of fiercely talented writers, reporters and generally creative types, the idea of going back to merely blogging about Mitt Romney for a living didn’t sound particularly appealing.

Tom Scocca · 01/08/15 03:07PM

Some Gawker Media Stories I Liked in 2014

Tommy Craggs · 01/07/15 03:35PM

Below you'll find a handful of Gawker Media stories from 2014 that I enjoyed for one reason or another. This is only a sampling, not a comprehensive roundup, and I'm putting it here partly as a way of telegraphing my tastes to the many staffers who know me only as the editor of an often impenetrably abstruse sports-and-dicks website. Pranks, scoops, FOIA, good long reads, great short reads, helpful primers: Use this as a rough guide to the sort of things I'd like to see on the sites in 2015.

What Is Editorial Labs?

Adam Pash · 01/06/15 01:35PM

Hi. I'm Adam Pash. I worked at Lifehacker for seven years, left two years ago, and have now returned to the amniotic embrace of Gawker Media (meaning Tommy owes Nick $50). And, thanks to the Great Editorial Restructuring of 2015, I'm heading up a new thing called Editorial Labs. The purpose of this post story is to help everyone understand what we're hoping to do with Editorial Labs and how you can use this fledgling department to be happier, to be more productive, and to do better things.