If you've been wondering what sort of things you can expect of and request from Editorial Labs, let's walk through a sampling of the fruits of this department's first month.

I'd like to buy the world a book

For starters, you may have seen the @MeinCoke bot — a Twitter bot that tweeted lines of Mein Kampf at Coca-Cola's own bot, which in turn used dopey ASCII puppies to make Adolf Hitler happy. This made people feel sad for Coke, a company with a $181 billion dollar market cap that operates on the belief that coating anything with enough sugar can make it palatable. YUM!

Kinja gets more social

Internally, the team at Lifehacker is in the process of testing a Labs-built Chrome extension for Kinja that allows writers to draft tweets and Facebook posts from inside Kinja — which are then consumed by SocialFlow (so, you know, you can still optimize). Once we work out most of the kinks, this will be available to everyone. (Siteleads: If you want to start testing before that, let me know.)

Before and after image slider

Last, I've resurrected the before/after image slider, which made its return in this io9 post. It could be (and will get) better, but if you want to use it, let me know and I'll walk you through how it works.

As I said, this is a sampling of the kind of things you can expect from Editorial Labs. Other projects are already in the works, and, as always, requests and ideas are always welcome. For specific requests, email labs@gawker.com. If you want to complain/talk something out, ping me on Slack or email me at pash@gawker.com.