Gawker Media is looking for a researcher to add muscle to our reporting teams across all eight sites in the Gawker network.

You might be good at this job if you:

• Know the federal Nature of Suit code for FOIA litigation by heart because you check recent filings in PACER every week just for kicks.

• Have a virtual Windows machine set up on your Mac laptop because there's a bumfuck county in Missouri somewhere whose recorder's office has a 15-year-old search interface that only works on Internet Explorer 5 for Windows.

• Keep several sock-puppet social media accounts handy to deploy in internet surveillance of unsuspecting targets.

We're looking for an insatiable and canny digger who can route around barriers to information with equal facility in both the physical and digital realms. The ideal candidate will know how to mine the municipal, state, and federal court systems for precious paper, how to scrape the hidden services of the dark web for precious data, and how to find anyone, anywhere, at will. She will be able to gather, parse, and manipulate large volumes of data, and extract stories from them. She will be organized and capable of initiating and tracking all freedom of information requests across the organization. She will have the mind of an intelligence agent and the soul of a tabloid hack.

The goal here is to support our staff reporters on ambitious projects and work collaboratively on a wide range of projects across all the sites. Candidates should be comfortable working on gang-reported stories in a team environment. While we are always looking for talented writers who want to break their own stories, this is not a writing job.

Interested candidates should send an email to WITH THE FOLLOWING IMPORTANT CAVEATS:

• Write the words "Researcher Job" in the subject line of your email, and then do not write any other words in the subject line of the email. If you do not write those words in the subject line of your email, you will not get this job, I promise.

• Do not send any attachments. Just drop your résumé in the text of the email and links to clips, etc.