Gawker Media Special Projects Editor Alex Pareene and Executive Features Editor Tom Scocca have never watched the much-discussed AMC program Mad Men. Nevertheless, in honor of the show’s much-anticipated finale, we scheduled a roundtable discussion on Twitter.

PAREENE: It is I, Donald Drapery. I am handsome yet still mad. Race relations are strained because it is the ‘60s.

PAREENE: Rock and roll and women’s lib are things happening that I am aware of. Vietnam.

SCOCCA: Things are going to change. Things will be different. Hats. I was a man who wore a hat. Now I will not wear hats.

PAREENE: The Russians are also sending men to space.

SCOCCA: I light a cigarette in my office. I pour a scotch. One of these things will not make it into the 21st century workplace.

PAREENE: I am casually sexist. The interesting part is that perhaps things have not changed as much as you think.

SCOCCA: Sexual mores have changed, another thing. The woman puts an LP record on the stereo hi-fi and lights a cigarette.

SCOCCA: Perhaps America herself is an attractive lie, a commercial fiction, an aspiration like those composed for money on Madison Avenue.

What will you miss the most about not watching Mad Men? Discuss!

Photo: “Toasted” by Brooke Raymond on Flickr. Licensed for Creative Commons Commercial Use