Call it the ingathering of the exiles. I'm happy to announce that Alex Pareene, fresh from overseeing the spectacular launch of Racket Teen, is the latest in a string of former staffers to return to Gawker Media's deathless embrace.

Starting Monday, Alex will serve as special projects editor across all of the Gawker network. The title reflects one of his roles he will play here, which will be to work with all the sites on developing and executing pranks, capers, hijinks, and long cons—not merely juvenile stunts (though some will no doubt be), but strategically articulated operations designed to puncture sanctimony and undermine authority. Gawker sites have always traded in such joyful pursuits—we stalked Fox News stalker Jesse Watters, publicly corrupted the Baseball Hall of Fame voting process, ostentatiously placed a mole inside Roger Ailes' shop, killed every television at CES, and tested Jeremy Lin and Eli Manning's table-pull at swank Manhattan eateries, to name a few—but Alex's presence and talents will help us to keep thinking big and place a premium internally on attention-grabbing, high-quality gags. He'll also be able to take on much of the work and leadership necessary to pull them off, leaving site leads to focus on the day-to-day.

Alex's last gig was as executive editor of The Racket, a brilliant and still-born First Look Media project he developed with Matt Taibbi. Working alongside them at First Look, I was giddy every day at the piercing and ambitious projects they were cooking up, and impressed by Alex's ability to help run a team and keep their chaotic creative energy harnessed and on track. I'm confident he'll bring that skill and ambition here and run wild.

He'll also be writing, of course, because that's what he does best. For Gawker, Deadspin, maybe Gizmodo, and, one hopes, Lifehacker.

[Photo of Pareene drinking an Appletini by John Cook]